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MTM - MTM car mats and floor mats

Quality for home and car

For over 40 years MTM has provided a skilled and reliable service for those who love comfort and elegance.

MTM plans and develops everything needed to make high quality products, which range from car mats to floor mats, welcome mats, door mats, runners, kitchen and bath mats, synthetic & artificial grass.

The business carries out rigorous controls on all the phases of carpet and mat production across the whole manufacturing process, so as to obtain increasingly high standards. Due to MTM’s versatility, it has become a leader in the carpet industry, and is therefore able to cater for any requirements quickly, whilst maintaining a constantly high standard.

A decade of experience has allowed MTM to finely tune its materials and innovative production systems, to provide customers with consistently up-to-date products.

  1. Detroit
    Rubber car mats

    Universal rubber and carpet car floor mats,..

  2. VAGN45P
    Carpet car mats

    Universal carpet car mats,, easy-fitting into all..

  3. VAGP45
    Carpet car mats

    Universal carpet car mats, easy-fitting into all..